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cutest human alive. amazing dancer with the sweetest vocals. laugh sounds like a chorus of angels. please get him a hair mask tho stream mist by ateez for clear skin
i am thankful that wooyoung was born
by woophobia December 13, 2019
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A cute, sexy, all around HOT Korean singer in the group 2PM. He's also known as Jang Wooyoung, Jang Woodong(udon), and is usually paired up with Nichkhun Horvejkul.
Wooyoung is so cute!
I love Wooyoung.
by mrs.choitabijangwooyoung May 03, 2009
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A complete dork. Has no sense of humor at all. Creator of tons of Korean jokes which are not even funny. Horrible speaker, can not speak english at all. Is a girl straight from Korea, known as fob. Cares too much of her outside appearance. Whines about every little thing that happens to her. Something that is done wrong, completely blasphemous.
Hey, stop being such a wooyoung!
What kind of wooyoung statement is that?!
What the wooyoung is that?
by Michael Chu Para April 06, 2009
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