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Woowing is a term used by an individual in the possession of a finely made wrap consisting of tuna, avocado, sundried tomatoes and cheese. The term can only be used by said individual when two things are present.
1. You are standing in from of someone called Sophie

2. You are on a mezzanine floor.
As you can imagine having these specific things all in place at any one time is pretty special and is commonly referred to as being “ emotional”
" I was standing there on the mezzanine floor chowing down on my fine wrap, before me stood Sophie… we had a moment…only a small moment. ….ok maybe it was just me,but i tell you this i did some fine woowing with my tuna wrap !!!!!
by mrbungle1980 September 12, 2012
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Is the act of showing_off with something good especially to attract mats yet in actual sense that thing doesn't work properly.
He has a nice watch which is nolonger working for woowing
by Fai Bin Akim June 05, 2018
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