when your happy and excited over something stupid
I just got promoted woot woot
by wootwootwtf March 11, 2019
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woot-woot was used by a friend of mine back in the 1970's. He used it instead of saying good bye. His name was Al Brine. He is now deceased but his wife is still living. The term was used in a letter to the editor in the Illinois State Journal. talking about Al. He was an archeologist and ranger at the Lincoln home in Springfield. His specialty in archeology was identifying terrestrial snails from archeological digs. This helped identify climate that existed at the time of the site was occupied.
When leaving someone say woot-woot.
by willhoit January 7, 2019
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When you and your bestie (Veronica)feeling yourself up in the mirror but not about to actually go out into the world.
Woot Woot Bitch we looking good!!
by BigJerryEnergy September 25, 2018
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Woot woot it means youre excited its not prnouned AY it's EHH eh eh eh makes it sound good
scratchcat_14: It's my birthday!!!
cheetor4ever: Woot woot eh eh eh
by OMGcat April 3, 2021
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