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wonwoo is the most loving and caring boy on the planet!!!!! although he expresses himself differently than others, hes really a sweetheart and is really passionate about the things he loves. jeon wonwoo is a rapper but he also loves singing so much and you will always hear him singing his sweet little ballads everywhere he goes!! he also loves reading books, playing video games, and is currently getting into video production. (i know he will do so well ;-;) he is so very funny and just wants to make everyone so happy and i rlly wanna hold his hand!!!! <33333
wonwoo says that the term '원우하다' (wonwoo-ing) is to be the absolute best possible outcome of something!! so.. please never stop wonwooing
by wonus August 09, 2018
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an emo child who is into literature and looks intimidating but is actually a soft muffin. Secretly obsessed with himself. Is in a serious relationship with bandmate Mingyu.
stop reading those damn books, you're such a Wonwoo
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by February 05, 2017
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