An adolescent male slang term for a penis, popular in the rural south in the 1980s. Esp. used at summer camp.
Dude, close your tent flaps when you are changing, everybody can see your pitifully small wonkey.
by wonkey monkey October 12, 2007
indiscribable word used to describe someone that you dont have a good enough insult for. NOT to be confused with honky for it is not a racial slur of any sort, just a stupid word. can be used as a noun or adjective.

created by me and a friend being stupid at work.
"your such a wonkey"
"look at those wonkey dancers with their wonkey ways"
by whitey138 January 18, 2005
wonkey is a word play on the words 'wonky' and 'one key'.
'wonky' refering to a type/genre of music and 'one key' refers to the drug culture that goes hand in hand with it.
a key can be used to deliver drugs straight from the bag to the nose = one key
wonkey is the name of night currently running from birmingham every last friday of the month.specialising in only the freshest and most upfront Dirty, Wonkey, Jackin, Fidget, Big Beat, Electro house there is!
"are you coming to wonkey tonight?"
by willy wonkey February 23, 2008
A wanker.

From the following joke:
What do you call a donkey with three legs?
- A wonkey.
You are such a wonkey.
by moosy October 30, 2006
dude that wonkey eats glue!
by jeche December 16, 2007
An African American, or somebody with dark skin. Usually these people are shady characters and are NOT friendly! Be sure to stay far, far away from wonkies, they almost always carry a gun or a sharp object. These people also use A LOT of swear words, and enjoy screaming them.Wonkies always come in small packs of 3 to 6, made up of all boys except for one girl.

Emo Girl One: "Ahhh! Make those wonkies stop talking to me!!"
Emo Boy: "Sorry know thay won't stop..."
Emo Girl Two: " What the fuck?!?!? The wonkey is having sex with that one wonkey girl....ewww!!
Emo Girl One: "Lets!"
Emo Boy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh a gun... and a knife!
by Madney July 1, 2008
An InvisionFree forum bug where the first post of each page is invisible until the second post is made. Usually only happens in large topics.
Heh, you got hit by the wonkey dude!
by Jarmatus June 14, 2008