1 definition by Madney

An African American, or somebody with dark skin. Usually these people are shady characters and are NOT friendly! Be sure to stay far, far away from wonkies, they almost always carry a gun or a sharp object. These people also use A LOT of swear words, and enjoy screaming them.Wonkies always come in small packs of 3 to 6, made up of all boys except for one girl.

Emo Girl One: "Ahhh! Make those wonkies stop talking to me!!"
Emo Boy: "Sorry hun...you know thay won't stop..."
Emo Girl Two: " What the fuck?!?!? The wonkey is having sex with that one wonkey girl....ewww!!
Emo Girl One: "Lets leave...now!"
Emo Boy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh a gun... and a knife!
by Madney June 30, 2008
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