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What happens when she runs out of bread for making sandwiches and the man isn't around to keep her under control, very dangerous, remain at least 3 lanes away

Second only in shitty driving to the Chinese
Shit! It's a woman driver avoid her, that bitch had better be on the way to the grocery store or back to the kitchen
by Bob Johnson from Bobville April 02, 2009
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Scientific fact: female motorists will never be able to reverse as efficiently (that means as good as, honey) a man.
woman driver's score

lampost 5 points x4

car on left 10 points x2

car on right 15 points x3

old lady in wheelchair 25 points x1

Total 110 pts.

Will the insurance company be informed? hell no
by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004
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An oxymoron and the reason I was in three traffic collisions within a one year period. When you see one on the road, treat it like it's radioactive.
Friend: Hey man where's your ride?

Me: "Got totalled by a 16yo woman driver in her Mercedes while she was talking on her cell phone."

Friend: "Man thats FUBAR."

Me: "Yup. And yet I pay more for insurance simply because I have a penis."
by c-lite January 24, 2011
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~A driving condition that stays with most women for their whole life.
~Symptoms include at least 10 scary personal experiences while driving per day, most pointless reasons to get distracted, thinking your a better driver than you are even though everyone thoroughly disagrees, doing a 5 point turn just to pull into a mildly packed parking lot just to make you look like a good driver, trying to do makeup while operating a very heavy hunk of metal going 60mph down a road, ect.

~you know who you are.
~this does not apply to all women!!
man 1:"Why is that car going all over the road when the driving conditions are perfect?"
man2:" Oh it's just a woman driver... most likely someone who sounds like Kyla"
by blackmamba123456 March 28, 2013
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No, no, no, the first 2 dumb-fucks messed this all up. I'm sorry you guys have tiny penises. A woman driver doesn't deserve her bad reputation. Most of the time, she drives like a normal human being. Woman do get in crashes and accidents. But instead of being hypocrites, you should admit that men do the exact same thing, and it's mostly the MEN who drive drunk.
My mother, a woman driver, drives perfectly.

The woman driver joke has been around for about 20 years and for some fucked-up reason people still find it funny. SOME MEN cry and whine about being discriminated against then turn around and degrade us.
by All Powerful Lioness September 13, 2010
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