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Any combination of dog and wolf, ie., a hybrid of the two. (It's a popular consensus that three parts dog to one part wolf genetically makes a "safe" wolfdog hybrid.)
When I was looking for a canine companion at the Sonoma County SPCA on highway 12 in the early 80's; a beautiful wolfdog which the attendant told me was a Timberwolf, Malamute, Siberian Husky and German Shepard mix ran to the cage front, jumped up, made eye contact and beseached me to get him out of jail.
by jim christ September 04, 2009
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Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
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Essentially a sexual predator. A Wolfdog is a sneaky, inappropriate, and overly-aggressive homosexual man who specializes in preying on inebriated and confused victims at the tail end of a night of partying. Wolfdogs can usually be found in dimly lit, low traffic areas of concerts, nightclubs, and especially, festivals... typically near the restroom/port-a-potty area. The common Wolfdog is known to be on the prowl in the wee hours of the morning. Diversion with seemingly innocent conversation is a common tactic of the Wolfdog, but stay vigilant dear friends, for this is merely misdirection. The final destination is always sexual in nature. Consent means nothing to the Wolfdog. Not quite a rapist, but he has considered it. Can also be used as a verb.
"Careful on this path... this is Wolfdog territory."

"Dude, that guy we were shooting the shit with just tried to walk into the John with me."
"Woah bro. You almost got wolfdogged. Close call man."
by RespecDaneck January 08, 2021
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A overly massive gargantuan of a dog that seemingly resembles a wolf, but has the traits of that a human when protecting its territory. It investigates and sizes the oppositon and attacks under the stand your ground law in florida. the trick is to not provoke these mammoth dogs, because they will eat you alive.
Chris: hey i have a feeling that theres somthing lurking in the shadows over there

Nathan: thats never a good feeling, only Wolfdogs contain that presence.

Roger: agh! a WOLFDOG!?!?!?!

Chris: quiet im quite the Wolfdog whisperer

Nathan: we're never gonna make it.
by simba anderson March 26, 2012
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