it means


in (mandarin) Chinese.

wo is I, ai is LOVE, ni is YOU
Wo ai ni. = I love you.
Ta shi wo ai ren. = She/He's my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend.
by paddy December 8, 2003
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Mandarin for "I love you." Pronunciation is:

Wo (falling, then rising tone)
Ai (falling tone)
Ni (falling, then rising tone)

Characters: 我爱你。
望问新 said "Wo ai ni" to Mark once last time before he left for America.
by Chinese Al September 20, 2008
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Mandarine Chinese for that undefined- I "love" you
Ni Bu Ai Wo?
You Don't Love me? *TEAR*
by Goose February 10, 2005
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it means "I love you too" in Mandarin Chinese (Simplified chinese) - " 我也爱你 "

Its a response when someone says "I love you" - "Wo ai ni"

我 -wo - Me / I
爱 ai - Love
你 ni - You
也 ye - no specific translation it means "too" or "aswell". In this case "I love you *too*"
person 1: I have something to tell you. // Wo you shi yao gao su ni // 我有事要告诉你
person 2: Yes what is it dear? // Shi de qi nai de shi shen me? // 是的亲爱的是什么?
person 1: I love you // Wo ai ni. // 我爱你
person 2: I love you too // wo ye ai ni!! // 我也爱你
by Kratos147 December 12, 2010
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