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stands for "the whitest kids u' know" and rumored something else, a group of comedians who make extremely funny shows for ifc, and find poop, beating women(and each other) and mocking events that happened in history funny. There are five of them. And they are on youtube.
Man, the wkuk was on t.v. last night, and it was so hilarious.
by Haley Creighton April 07, 2008
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A abbreviation for: (the) Whitest Kids You Know

Or a symbol for extremely intelligent people...or extremely pale people.

Can also be used in slang to the supremicist group(KKK).

Also WKIK which is used in first person...Whitest kid(s) I/U know.
Zack: Damn those kids are so smart, he made a 100 on his final exam.

Ryan: I know...they are the WKIK.

Zack: Yeah

Phrase 2:

Jerome: Sometimes the dick says the most racist things...

Cue: Yeah that Sob is one of the WKIK...stupid ass reedneck...

Phrase 3:

Darrell: Dude, It sucks your parents are so good of friends with there family...they must be the WKUK.
by TheDillKing2 February 01, 2010
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