A beautiful, innocent, and talented actress; about seven thousand times more intelligent than the average American Hollywood actress.
If I ever had the chance to meet Winona Ryder, it would be the greatest moment in my life up until now.
by Dave November 13, 2003
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not only a wonderful thespian but one the most original characters in Hollywood
"Publicly, Winona is rather approachable. People describe her as nice, friendly, cooperative, and polite. On the other hand, you can sense that she's a troubled lady. Hazy about her purpose in life, she's sensitive and spiritually confused, which has caused her to suffer bouts of depression and panic attacks.

Still, it's most likely that sensitivity that has made her such a wonderful thespian. Even if she's played characters ranging from cheerleaders and teenage wives to rebellious daughters and feminists, she never chooses roles to advance her career. What makes her so special is the fact that she never works just for a paycheck." askmen.com
by Samantha April 22, 2005
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This petite beauty has graced the screen throughout the nineties and beyond. She is also one of those characters who make Hollywood special, in a nice way.
"Winona Ryder is a class act. Her innate gifts and unusual beauty are indisputable" Stephen Rebello

"She has a poetic beauty" James Woods
by Sarah421 June 22, 2005
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The most beautiful and intelligent person on the planet. She's also very cool
You're as beautiful as Winona Ryder.

by benji August 25, 2003
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ex.Winona is "so beautiful it's almost hard to look at her. It's like looking at a perfect rose. I just loved her."-Ellen Burstyn after working with Winona on "American Quilt"
by Darkus March 20, 2005
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Man i can't believe you jsut pulled a winona ryder from Gadzook's.
by nappyafrochik April 24, 2003
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