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Font consisting of mostly usless characters of cars, boats, etc. Mostly used when the user is bored to tears of the monotony of work or when clip art is not sufficient. Selected by a consfusing array of key strokes its is now the main stay of many geeky emails and people trying to be alternative.

not to be confused with wing chun
Watch out for that bloke he's a Wingding martial artist
by binsurfer December 11, 2003
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A font that has actually stirred some controversy:

* Open a Microsoft Word document.
* Type "NYC" (use capital letters).
* Change the text to 72 point WEBdings.
* Now change the text to wingdings.

There is another "conspiracy".
Supposedly, the serial number (or whatever) of one of the September 11th airplanes was "Q33NY". Try that in 72 point wingdings (be sure to use capital letters).
by AbnormalBoy October 01, 2004
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Wingding or Wing Ding, should be said with some attitude. just like DeeChay Jett did in 1978 in Texas. it means a party or get-together.
ex. 1. hey, Rinkey! are you going to go to that Homecoming wingding after school?

ex. 2. it was so crazy in math class today we had a full on wingding.
by Young Aplir M.O.A. October 18, 2007
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an extremely ugly, unattractive, or otherwise undesirable female
You: Yo, that girl is wingdings.
Friend: Word, just look at that shit.

::Ugly girl walks up to you::
Wingding: (Insert random greeting)
You: Sorry, I don't speak windings.
by papaya March 16, 2005
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A ROCKIN' concert held in Rockford, Illinois that used to be free and now costs maybe 1$-5$.
Person 1: DUDE, Wing Ding is 5$ NOW!
Person 2: STFU, its 8 bands for 5$!
by bowlaboii216 November 08, 2006
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A racist slur for a person of oriental heritage or nationality, including japanese, chinese or korean.

Wingdings is also a type of bizarre font used in Microsoft Word for PC. Lets hope that this name remains and resists politically-correct people who whine and bitch about how the word is really a racist slur.
"That slant-eyed wingding!"
by Dave January 14, 2004
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