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A man that has achieved certification in all of the 'wing ' categories

white wings
Brown wings
Red wings
yellow wings

A true adventurer in sexual exploration
Jeff gained his 4 wings from his willing girlfriend and thus ascended to the rank of wing commander
by ermo September 08, 2004
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A man who leads by example when it comes to women. When approaching a group of women he is the one who does all the talking.broke the ice with this pair of crackers last night, ended up pulling and having a great laugh.
by Smiaras May 06, 2004
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An awesome 2.5D futuristic flight combat sim for the SNES. It was renowned for it's cinematic presentation and fun gameplay.
kid with SNES: Fuck homework, I'm gonna play Wing Commander.
by mr_bigmouth_502 December 05, 2006
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someone who got awarded their brownwings.
got your brown wings last nite. you're now a fella wingcommander.
by manu October 16, 2003
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