Originated in the 1950's California surf community. Means to act crazy and was most associated with surfing. Now used in the hip-hop/rap community for the same reasons, minus the surfing.
Stop pretending wile out came from a rap song cause i got surf videos that are 45 years old and it was cliche' then.
by Mca Bros August 8, 2004
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Whatever happened to wilin' out and bein' violent? Whatever happened to catchin' a good old-fashioned passionate ass-whoopin' and gettin' your shoes, coat, and your hat tooken?
by Nick D February 16, 2003
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getting super crunked/roudy, then echanging locations. It normaly involves hooting and hollaring that no one can understand, all while repping the dirty south
"We wile out in da club...What!" - Lil' John
by M. Dubb November 11, 2003
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