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An ignorant zealot, usually a Wikipedian, who aggressively defends or promotes Wikipedia while ignoring, downplaying, or misrepresenting its shortcomings and failures.
The wikipediots had a happy circlejerk and banned the troll.
by Blu Aardvark July 02, 2007
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Someone who spends all their time on Wikipedia trying to get other peoples content removed and then displays Wikipedia badges on their user page proclaiming how awesome they are for doing it.
George is such a Wikipediot. Can you believe he claimed my page on John Holmes was not notable and tried to get it removed?
by infophreak September 27, 2010
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A person of such low intellect that they need to look up definitions for every word in wikipedia
The wikipediot looked up the definition of a book in wikipedia.
by Dragoness19 February 11, 2007
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(noun) 1. A person who relies solely on Wikipedia as their source of information, without researching further any other sources of fact.
Fifty percent of the students in my class turned in homework which proved what kind of Wikipediots they were.
by JCAfterDark January 21, 2011
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