A man or woman that acts like they're black or african american life style.
He acts like he lives in the ghetto, what a wiger!!
by Joe Vissarion August 21, 2003
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1. Wiger is used to describe something that follows a white persons example of somn that is used by blacks (lanuage, music, cars, etc.) and looks/sounds like its white.

2. A white kid who acts black.

3. A car so cutomized that you can't tell the make or model and look like it could fall apart. Manily has a loud sound in a muffler and is assosatited with tuner cars
1. "Dude, that music is written by a wiger."
2. "He is such a wiger."
3. "Yo that wiger car is sick!'
by Cruisemissleking October 29, 2007
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a white person that fits in the the black folk :)
chizzAPANTS is most def. a wiger :)
by chelsea hall September 28, 2005
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The results of making an unfortunate mistake some time ago.
as in " If we had picked the damn cotton ourselves back then, we wouldn't have to deal with all the "wigers" now."
by stv111 May 18, 2006
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A person who is WHITE but acts as if they are a black person
I love hanging out with Matthew, he's such a wiger.
by Ys HD vyfbdb March 24, 2017
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