Usually refers to any style of (usually) tight-fitting cotton shirts primarily worn by men as undershirts. Any of the types of white t-shirt or tank top that you can usually find sold in packages by the men's underwear can be classfied as a wifebeater.

While the "wifebeater" is worn primarily by men -- and presumably got the name because it is most often depicted as being worn as outerwear by men who beat their wives -- lots of women have taken to wearing them too. This is particularly true in the case of the cotton ribbed tank top, which can now be found sold as outerwear for women as well as men, and which can also be found in several other colors besides white.
Yuck ... see that dude in the wifebeater over there? His chest hair is, like, sticking out all over the place!
by Trish June 27, 2009
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Pseudonym for a brand of strong lager called Stella Artois, sometimes associated with after closing-hours physical activity.
3 pints of Wifebeater and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps please bartender.
by Steve Butler June 21, 2003
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T-shirt without sleaves. In the movies you see men that hit their women. Usually they are drunk and wearing these t-shirts.
by lilvoyce May 23, 2006
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In Australian slang, "wifebeater" always referred to a dark blue singlet, such as is typically worn by truckers. It's only recently that we in Australia have heard the word coming from other parts of the world, and elsewhere it refers to a white singlet.
Tommo, the landscaper, was clomping about the backyard in his big blundstones, stubbies and a wifebeater.
by Daru April 17, 2007
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White, ribbed, skin-tight tank top, most excellent for showing off a dude's pecs, shoulders, arms, underarms, armpit hair, and natural B.O. Leaves a sweet tan line when worn on a summer day.
Dude wore a wifebeater, and i got a whiff of sukang paombong on his pits.
by Dylan Dude November 16, 2007
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Wife beater is a nickname for "Stella" a popular lager/beer in the UK. It got the nickname wife beater because of the ammount of wife beating that went on after drinking several cans/pints
by sayles April 01, 2005
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