Indigenous word to the real Bay Area - NorCal
1. to clown someone
2. to act a fool and rep your turf
3. to take over something and do what you want to
4. to find a way to make a loud, ignorant objection to somethin
(you can also use ride or rode in place of some conotations of whoride)
1. That bitch just got whorode.
2. Them fools from Richmond started whoriding so them Oakland niggas stopmed em out
3. We about to whoride the liqour store and come up on some free shit.
4. Ain't noboy gon diss me, i'm about to whoride
by that dozen May 1, 2005
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To show up uninvited and/or not know when to leave resulting in the impairment of someone else's experience, goals, or plans.
Those whoriders prevented me from getting my d-dub.
by neverwhoriding March 16, 2009
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That whorid standing down on the corner stole my wallet and wouldn't have sex with me.
by AnonPaFoer December 12, 2007
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Somebody who is uninvitingly barging in on a sitation.
"Hey girl, I'mma lock the door so no Whoriders try and walk in on us"
by young mack vee April 3, 2003
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A motorcyclist riding agrressively, doing wheelies so you cant read the license plate.
Did you see that whorider pass us on the right?
No, I just heard him fly by.
by whorider January 2, 2006
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The molecule essential to homosexual, promiscuous life. It is made up of fagmium and whoron. It is represented by the symbol FgWh. This molecule is poisonous to all other living organisms. Organisms poisoned by this molecule practise the act of whoriding.
'Johnny is having an asthmatic attack!'

' Get the FgWh mask!'

'Tyrone be whoriding, I'm finna bust a cap in his ass.'

'Chill, he has Fagmium Whoride poisoning.'
by Speakeroftruth999 July 13, 2016
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