To pull out of an engagement, usually at the last minute, after initiating the event in the first place. To renege on a social agreement.
Steve got up a kayaking trip for today, but he called late last night and whiteheaded us.
by jfl5 November 19, 2011
A pimple or zit that is full of puss, white and ready to pop!
Barb's whitehead was so ripe and perfect, when she popped it, puss went all over the mirror! Awesome!
by BiancaSr March 21, 2007
An old person. Characterized by their white hair and lack of driving skills.
Driver: It sure is a beutiful day.

Passenger: Holy shit, watch out for that whitehead!!

Driver: -swerves to avoid head-on collision- Thanks man. That old fucker almost killed us.
by RacialSupremecy March 12, 2006
What a penis tip looks like right after the guy cums.
He pulled out right before he came and sat back as she watched his whitehead.
by zooone9243 July 11, 2011
Doing a "Whitehead". This involves unnecessarily embarrising ones self. Comes from the antics of Thomas Whitehead.
"Dude, that was such a Whiteheadism
by Frommie lad! March 1, 2008
When someone stands next to you while your picture is taken, then uses it as an implied endorsement in their political campaign. Can also be done with business cards, articles of clothing, your car and pets.

A phrase made popular in the 2020 Kootenai County, Idaho Sheriff election.
Be careful of even appearing in the same photo as him, he will Whitehead you on his Facebook page.
"WTF, why did you Whitehead me?" "Well I thought you was endorsin' me"
by Puffythecop September 28, 2019
The act of releasing semen into a rubber, then squeezing the aforementioned cum towards the closed end of the condom. Aim the little tip at your woman's face while squeezing until the condom breaks and the cum bursts onto her face like a zit onto a mirror. Also known as delayed bukaki.
I love giving Steph the Whitehead.
by modernman March 25, 2007