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n.(Hacker Lingo) One who hacks to find system loopholes, then uses that information to secure the system. Hackers employed with security firms, as well as hacker "watchdog" groups, would be considered whitehats.
Though whitehats have the best of intentions, their effors are often rewarded with lawsuits and criminal charges.
by progamer124 February 05, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
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hacker lingo A whitehat hackers is a person who uses their skills for good rather than bad. Some people see them as lame, some don't. The point is gray is the way to be.
blackhat, whitehat, grayhat... everyone needs to get along and unite in the one aim of flaming script kiddie lamers
by papaunix December 13, 2004
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A person who is a hacker, who uses his skills and knowledge to explore and report weaknesses for the good of everyone.
White-hats are good people.
by Azrael January 27, 2004
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Frat boy types other wise known as bros. This particular species of frat boy can be seen galavanting around college campuses or downtown office buildings. They are distinguishable by their trademark white baseball caps which contain offensive college names of school they did not go to like Fordham University (FU) and the University of South Carolina (Cocks). They are more than likely wearing their caps at sporting events or at a bar watching sporting events, probably drinking Busch Lite or if they are classy Miller Lite.
See: Nearly every frat boy on every College Campus in the US.

David: Kate did you see all those White hats at the football game.

Kate: Yeah they kept ogling all of the women and drinking all the crappy beer.
by Texas Dave December 06, 2007
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Whitehat was a word previously used to mean that they may use the same way, however they are still the "good guys", and this is no different.

A whitehat hacker is someone who discovers (or attempts) exploits for good use. OpenBSD users/programmers often tend to be whitehats, although still a large number of FreeBSD users/programmers may be whitehats. In comparision I would say more OpenBSD users/programmers are whitehats.

Often when a whitehat finds an exploit, he often informs people as needed. IE: FreeBSD security mail list, OpenBSD security mail list.

At the same time I would assume more Linux users are blackhats due to the large number of pinhead users while most Windows users tend to know even less and primarily stay out of the "game" (this is no game, like blackhats think it is, you just wait until they come upon a server that does remote logging).

Blackhats are often pinheads who have nothing better to do then attack people to prove how "1337" they are.
Brian Finniff is a whitehat.
by Brian Finniff July 15, 2004
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A computer expert, usually a former hacker, who now uses his or her skills for legitimate causes.
That guy who wrote the OMG0rz virus? He's a white hat now, works for Sun Microsystems.
by Lexicon Master September 08, 2003
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