The opposite of Black-Milk.
White milk is where a guy reaches climax and a girl kicks him square in the nuts, making cum fly out of his ears.
HOLYSHIT you just got white-milked :O
by Foxxeh July 11, 2008
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It is something that is Mind Blowing, especially the longer you think about it. Or something that spawns new or provocative thinking.
Chirstopher Columbus: "The world is round, not flat"
Random by-standard: "Whoa! White Chocolate Milk!"
by foosballpele October 30, 2011
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nick: a particular person who may resemble or taste like a white and milk chocolate chip muffin. who is as cute as one and if science would allow become one permantly :)
nick is my amazing white and milk chocolate chip muffin
by sarahshutup January 22, 2008
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A phrase meaning acceptance or yielding without genuinely agreeing.
Mike: ..and this is why I believe water is wet.

Joe: I can only give you white milk.
by NoodleDogDictionary December 14, 2020
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