Another way to reply when someone states the ovbious.
Nick: Wow! Russel Westbrook got another triple double!

Jamie: Water is wet.

Nick: True, True.
by Deathcabforeli April 3, 2018
The truth is... water is indeed wet. If it can get things wet, it itself would be wet. Even if "wet is just a description of our experience of water", why can't water be described as wet?
Dumbass: Water is not wet
Average guy: Are you fucking stupid? Water is wet.
by Hayden Avengerkid5 April 3, 2018
The act of juices flowing uncontrollably from a woman's genitalia.
Blain got that girl water park wet!!
by The hung October 21, 2013
A show that was made by two inexperienced directors that added Jacob Sartorius and his wanna Mark Thomas the show, even going to such lengths of adding the slut of the generation, Loren Gray.
Person 1:Did you watch Water Is Wet?

Person 2: Wait, that show's still playing?
by JSthebest November 2, 2018
Water is not wet before you jump I. The pool are you wet or dry? You are dry. When you jump in the pool and your body is fully submerged underwater can you really tell whether or not you're wet? No you are not wet til you get out the pool and oxygen hits your body then you are wet
Water isn't wet brush yes it is says who says me we aren't gonna argue bout this shit right niw
by EUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! November 30, 2018
Is water wet?
Eddie J: I, an intellectual, believe water is not wet
Ablitz, me, and the entire rest of the fucking world: it’s wet dipshit
by PhysicsGurl July 22, 2018