White people that are poor as hell. Most are interbred and have nervous twitches and a lack of teeth. Most run meth labs and moonshine to obtain money.
That Damn Whitetrash is cooking Tweak again!
by psychobillypimpstyle January 27, 2003
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Ugly, overweight, uneducated, entitled, ignorant, bigot. Hates anyone with the brains or talent that they lack. Rude, demanding, pushy, heinous manners, doesn't tip at restaurants, always looking for handouts and freebees. Spends hundreds of dollars each month on useless crap while someone else picks up the tab. Racist, homophobic, hits children, curses loudly in public loves Wal-mart.
That White Trash b*$ch parked in a handicapped spot while she shopped at Walmart.
by MD8104 July 26, 2009
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A dysfunctional American subculture, primarily poor as heck white people who reproduce like rabbits without the money to raise kids in a decent environment. They are completely ignorant of birth control—even condoms and don’t give a dam about the welfare of children if they have them. Heck, they are ignorant, period, and don’t have much of an education. They probably live on GOV aid in the form of welfare or food stamps, and sometimes use the money to pay for alcohol, tobacco, drugs or just sleezy sex. If they don’t live on GOV aid, they probably work a minimum wage career that doesn’t require any skills like being a checkout clerk, a bagger in a store, collecting shopping carts or even a bar-bouncer if the guy is buff enough. Many live in trailerparks, but also in rundown apartments or government subsidized housing. They can frequently be seen shopping their favorite store—Walmart and most of the men won’t hesitate to wear their wifebeater shirt in the store without a second thought. They usually couldn’t care any less about hygene and it even shows on their children. They are often dirty and smelly, while the men with facial hair don’t shave making it look as though their beard/mustache has collected crumbs.
Whitetrash are about the only American commodity we will never run out of.
by krock1dk March 17, 2008
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ignorant white people who like to fight and not finish school. Hobbies include cursing extensively, drugs, and wearing extremely large whife beaters. Traits--too much gel (or is it spit), ugly.
Shania just spit on our floor,that girl is white trash.
by Lacy April 11, 2004
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Persons with white colored skin with low or no income who live a trashy lifestyle that includes sleeping around with many partners (which most of the time results in a whitetrash female having multiple babies with multiple fathers), drinking lots of cheap beer out of cans, smoking full flavor generic cigarettes(usually at LEAST one pack a day), attending NASCAR events, and living in an unkempt, dirty apartment or trailer park with many cats and dogs. Often the animals are allowed to deficate all over the property. Usually the homeof a white trash individual will be decorated with wood paneling on the walls, patio furniture in the living room/ dining room/ kitchen and dart boards, neon beers signs and NASCAR memoribilia will adorn the walls. White trash men often have their hair styled in a mullet and their women often still wear the eighties aqua net spiral perm with bangs that are inches high. The vehicle of choice of the white trash indiviual will be a Chevy Camaro or old model harley davidson.
"Bobbi that whitetrash girl I met tailgating last week asked me to come to her BBQ so I can meet her Ex husband and five kids. I better stock up on Busch and Marlboro reds to bring as party favors."
by Anne Boelyn October 05, 2007
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describing a person that wears Mossy Oak camo instead of RealTree AP HD.
"Look, those guys are so white trash... they aren't even wearing AP HD! What is that? Mossy Oak?
by HuntinDave October 26, 2011
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