An executive summary; a report whose purpose is to simplify an unknown subject or product in a desirable way. Also, a report summarizing a session of parliament or government in the UK.
"We got another pile of white papers from M$. I threw them in the circular file."

"I needed to catch up on the day's decisions so I grabbed the latest white paper."
by Mike Losh November 10, 2007
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Another catch phrase dreamed up by corporate America disguised as "providing information" but in reality it's just a label hiding a crappy product pitch. Belongs in the same category as "proactive", "team player" and "touch base".
I printed out some white papers from the internet today and used them to wipe my ass with.
by paddytakes May 31, 2005
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An article in a peer-reviewed journal that uses faulty science, historical racism, and white supremacy as a means to justify continued racism and white supremacy.
Did you see that policy piece claiming that poverty caused by racism is actually the result of different "cultures"? Yeah, that's a real White paper alright. And now the American Heart Association is attacking affirmative action? That's a White paper too.
by Reflecting back August 3, 2020
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I wrote a white paper.
by JRJB February 16, 2006
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skin tone, exhibited by but not limited to caucasians, that is so fair the skin acquires a transluscent quality resembeling waxed paper. a skin tone that is paler than white. the opposite of blue black. blue black, honky, waxed paper whites, whitey, ginger, redhead
Sandy is such a wax paper white that she looks like a vein road map.

Joshua is such a wax paper white, that he must be inbred.

blue black, honky, waxed paper whites, whitey, ginger, redhead
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