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The ability to understand and share the feelings of another about an issue, but only after the issue has directly affected you.
He never supported gay marriage before, but he does now that his daughter recently came out. That's not empathy, it's mepathy.

She was always against unemployment benefits, but now is in favor of them after losing her job. Classic mepathy.
by Reflecting back June 29, 2020
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Muffin rage is what we feel when there is a vast chasm between our actual needs and what another person or an institution thinks we need. - Credited to Jillian Horton, MD
We were burned out, over-worked, and under-paid. Then the administration gave us a plate of muffins as a thank you. All I felt was muffin rage.

See also: Pizza Fury
by Reflecting back December 12, 2021
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The feeling of surprise after you see someone’s full unmasked face for the first time and they look totally different than you thought they did.
Wow! I had only ever seen him with a mask before. I had such face shock the first time I saw him. He looked totally different than I thought!
by Reflecting back March 21, 2021
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An article in a peer-reviewed journal that uses faulty science, historical racism, and white supremacy as a means to justify continued racism and white supremacy.
Did you see that policy piece claiming that poverty caused by racism is actually the result of different "cultures"? Yeah, that's a real White paper alright. And now the American Heart Association is attacking affirmative action? That's a White paper too.
by Reflecting back August 3, 2020
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