some stupid ass fool who wants to be white and wears abrocrombie
jessica lin is whitewash, puttin butter on rice, sugar in her tea
what da hell is up with that
by drunk monk chink September 22, 2003
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when you ejaculate all over someones face. it should be spread around the whole face so it looks like it's paint. generally it's a spread out facial.
I was with Debbie last night and whitewashed her.
by ChrisGuywithFriends November 13, 2009
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black girls who dressed like a hoodrat their whole life then all of a sudden in grade eleven decide they want to look like they have some class and start wearing white girl clothes like polos, indian slippers etc. but still get a weave, what the hell
Person 1: did you see la shanikula today she's wearing ROOTS SWEATPANTS! WTF

Person 2: she's whitewash and should stick to her airforces
by boogaloo magoo July 30, 2006
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when you cum on somebodys face or body during sex.
Did you see that dude whitewash the face of that ho, just now?
No, I'm not going to whitewash you. I want to cum inside you.
by larry278 April 19, 2009
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Ejaculating into the soap dispenser of a dish washer and then turning on the dish washer with a full load of dirty dishes inside.
Jack white washed the dishes since he was out of soap
by J*K* December 10, 2009
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