When a person puts a roll of toilet paper in another persons washing machine so that when they wash their clothes they get covered in white fuzz.

Dude: whats all this white stuff all over my clothes?
Bro: I think we've been white washed dude.
by dragonkingdom September 14, 2011
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After you ejaculate into an anus of a species, the giver presents their face in direct line of the receivers anus as the receiver is sharting.
Jeff's face was dripping in cum after Chauncy preformed a "white wash"
by Chocolate_Chip November 22, 2009
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When numerous men ejaculate all over a girl until she is completely covered in semen - making her 'washed white'.
Dude, we completely white-washed that girl last night, it was hilarious!
by donthinkaboutit July 27, 2011
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Refered to as cum or male ejaculate. To white wash is to show someone in cum.
I white washed that chicks face and titi's.

My white wash ran down that chicks chin.
by T-Bone Nelson September 27, 2008
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When a female performs oral sex while traveling in an automobile, while the male finishes in her mouth and she spits it out of the moving vehicle to only get hit back in the face with it.
" Me and Daniel had a great time traveling up north, the amount of whitewash was amazing. I got white washed 10 times!
by jimjacknuts June 1, 2011
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A minority living in the USA who loses their heritage, language, ethinic backround because of modern day american media and public schools etc.
Check out "the white washed" asian kids. They don't even know how to speak their own language. They must be 2nd or 3rd generation. Them ABA's haha. They're really white honkeys deep inside.
by Vietnam war refugee April 25, 2010
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