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going out to do stunts only crazy people would think of doing, especially stunts you've seen in the movies, like hoping skyscraper to skyscraper, or hanging on a cliff that could lead to possible deaths
Tim went white peopling last night before getting a concussion on the head from doing flips on the edge of a high building.
by amori March 10, 2017
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Used to describe certain activities that are popular within the Caucasian community that People of Color don't usually participate in.
Keith: "Hey guys, would you like to go hiking and camping with me this weekend? Maybe do a little hang gliding if the wind conditions are right."

Darren and Diego look at each another.

Darren: "Does he mean he wants us to go white peopling with him?"

Diego: "I think so bruh."
by Beantown November 03, 2015
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Used generally by people who aren't white to describe certain activities that only (in most cases) white people do. Activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, back packing, mountain climbing, hang gliding, skydiving, BASE jumping, etc. etc.
Keith: "Hey guys I was planning on going hiking and back packing this weekend. I was thinking I might even bring some of my mountain climbing gear. Do you think ya'll would be down to go?"

Darren and Diego gave each other a confused look then said...

Darren: "Did Keith just ask us to go white peopling with him this weekend?"

Diego: "That's what I heard bruh."
by Beantown November 12, 2015
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Riding roller coasters and eating mushrooms are white peopling activities. People of color usually participate in a mushroom trip, but they go away when the white people who are white peopling come down to reality.
White peopling-Dave's going skydiving! Nobody named Malik or Magdalena would jump out of a plane, let's ask dale and Susan if they want join us and Dave!
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot August 25, 2016
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doing things that require a certain amount of resources that the typical bruthas don't have but that white people do. for example, most bruthas don't have the resources to travel to locations for scuba diving and sky diving. contrast this with "black peopling" which are activities that don't require as many resources such as getting on that dime bitch in the club or putting a cap in that negro.
LaQuon was invited by Bruce and Chuck in his office to meet up for kayaking. Don't those crackers know he can't afford no kayak (not even a rental; can't get a pay day advance cuz he still owes) to go white peopling. Instead LaQuon smoked a few bowls, got a 45, and went to the club.
by ThinkinGuy March 04, 2016
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The new racial slur for doing anything fun and exciting that may require some expense or lead to an adrenaline rush or enjoyment; any activity that people with a little extra money or privilege may partake in; a term haters and racists use because they can't afford to do anything fun, take a day off from work, or just don't have the balls to do it.
Sherita: "For our 10 year anniversary, my husband and I went to Disney World for 3 days by ourselves. We also spent a few days at the beach just relaxing by the ocean. While we were at the beach, we went deep sea fishing one day and rented a jet ski another day. We saw dolphins while we were out jet skiing! Toni: OMG, Sherita! You totally white-peopled it on your trip! Sherita: Toni, stop being so racist!! You're just jealous that I had a great time. Accusing me of white peopling is just a way to put me down and make you feel better about yourself.
by Wisdom Imparter August 11, 2018
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