The liquid that oozes from your body when your erect but can't ejaculate
I need to masturbate before you can start seeing my white juice
by Big becks January 30, 2017
A sticky white thing that comes out of bananas when mature enough, these bananas come with men Wich women like to eat all day long, minions can't get enough of it
Oh man give me more white juice, I like that long banana that has a lot of potassium
by Female_Body_Inspector April 24, 2019
This is what refer to Starbucks usually a carmle Frappuccino
Girl 1: let's get some white girl juice

Girl 2: You mean Starbucks

Girl 1: yeah
by nitsuj0228 January 24, 2015
the product of sexual intercourse or oral stimulations, Ejaculate.
That juice, that white gravy juice. Its so wrong but it feels so right.

by Jen-Janamous March 27, 2009
cum, jizz, semen. male ejaculatory fluid.
Suzy has been feeling a little sick. She could use some Dr.(insert your name here)'s white root juice.
by Anguished August 23, 2006
milk. parallels "green juice"
Think I'll grab some cornflakes with white juice.
by gregin April 30, 2021