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The car you follow on the freeway who's going faster than everyone else, thus drawing the police to them and not you.
Are you speeding? Yeah, it's cool though, we got a white bronco in front of us.
by Tommy Shahab August 23, 2008
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getaway car for oj ; this guy knows what im talking about
that negro in the white bronco is on crack like oj
by reno April 20, 2005
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1.) OJ Simpson tried to escape in a White Ford Bronco and sometimes people call orange juice OJ and so orange juice is called White Bronco.

2.) A drink where you mix milk, *moonshine, and crack.

*A special moonshine is required for White Bronco. It is made on the top of a mountain by a brewer.

The brewer is said to be a mythical creature that is blind and has 4 arms and is half man half animal and has the tongue of a dragon.

He also helps defend the Smiths from Santa in a Christmas special of American Dad.
1.) "Dude can I have some White Bronco"


"Orange Juice man"

2.) "Hey you want some White Bronco?"

"Wtf is that?"

"A drink made with milk, moonshine, and crack"

"Sounds like shit"

"Yeah, but you'll be so fucking wasted and trippin balls so hard by the first sip, that you won't care how it tastes.
by HeavyFuckingMetal December 14, 2010
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