Simply a person of the white race that was born in Africa. Mainly in South Africa.
Being African doesn't necessarely mean that the person is black. African is simply a nationality.
Bob: Hey, that white african kid just moved here and is now living in the U.S.
Joe: I guess it that makes him an African-American.
by ShinGino December 14, 2006
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A person who is half african, half caucasian; some african and caucasian not neccessarily half and half
To have a white mom and a black dad makes the next generation white african
by Shayna Borkman September 22, 2006
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A person of white South African origin, currently residing in America
I'm white african american. I was born in South Africa, but got American citizenship.
by dildo777 September 27, 2018
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A black person that commits a crime against another black person or black community, but black society still wants to blame it on racism
Those cops that killed Fred, they werent black, theyre white african americans.
by CON$TA May 12, 2015
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Any White person born and raised in South Africa.

White South Africans like to live the good life, they're a calm, and welcoming ethnic minority. However, they tend to get very violent if provoked. I myself, have never seen such carnage before I went to South Africa.

A White South African can be your best friend, but if you cross them, they can be as cruel as if a group of Colombian and Russian scientists genetically engineered him/her.

Be wary of Afrikaans women especially, they tend to be crazy, all they want to do is serve you food and get pregnant.

Afrikaans men, they tend to be the racist ones of the ethnic minority. So approach those guys with caution.

All other White South Africans except the Afrikaans, are sane, and awesome people - if you stay on their good side.

I saw a guy get beaten to shit by this one dude in South Africa, something to do with a girl. I also saw this other guy get shot in the head for looking at this other dude wrong...
Guy 1: "Dude that guy is a Bad Motherfucker"

Guy 2: "You see that dude get curb-stomped?! That guy who did it must have been a"

Girl: "White South African?"

Guy 1 & 2: "Yeah"
by romplestomple March 1, 2011
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A very fat female with hygiene difficulties, often seen eating and rarely walking. This monster moves from hospital to hospital eating whatever food is available from a trough. Best avoided at all costs.
Cor blimey did you see that white south african nurse she took up my entire field of vision from over 30 yrds away!
by navyblue December 3, 2006
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