slang for someone who won't shut up.

to whinge
to be a whinger

ties in with "whiner"

sometimes refered to as a "karade"
"its cold out side"
by sonuku August 3, 2004
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dude1: I'm cold
dude1: I'm hot
dude1: I'm hungry
dude1: I smell
dude2: dude2, shut up whinging bitch
by Carnophage December 16, 2004
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Someone to complains about everything.
A person who bitches about fucking everything.
A pussy.
Dude1: I'm hungry
Dude1: I'm cold
Dude1: someone stole my bag
Dude1: I'm hot
Dude1: I hate spending money
Dude1: I hate driving
Dude2: shut up you fucking whinger
by Whatamidoinghere August 11, 2015
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A sparkling bitter beverage drunk in large quantities by discontented individuals. Also see Hater-ade
by sam hibbard September 6, 2007
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Someone that complains by stealth in order to undermine their victims.
A person that uses something you've told them in confidence to get at you behind your back.
Someone that deliberately puts shit on you for personal gain.
Heads up man, that mofo is a ninja whinger - don't tell him shit.
by KR00ZZ July 6, 2012
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Somebody that believes that their way of life is under threat by minorities that have no interest in their sad way of life. People that make up examples of this that include ridiculous statements like "you cannot say Christmas anymore" when it is being posted literally everywhere.
So there I was sending out flyers to promote our Easter gathering when I got an email from a right whinger claiming that you cannot say 'easter' any more because of forruners. So I immediately halted the printer before I offended anybody else.
by AshTheFashBash June 12, 2022
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A person who whinges a lot, generally used jokingly.
Guy 1: Jack always goes on about how miserable his life is and stuff like that.

Guy 2: Yeah I know, the guy's a serial whinger.
by fuckinqueenslander July 3, 2008
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