A popular phrase that the Wendy's hamburger chain had actress Claire Pellar say in a TV ad when she and two other elderly ladies were checking out a competitor's hamburger that had a "big fluffy bun". It was first broadcast in 1983 and Claire used the phrase in "sequel" ads during the next few years. In 1984, some men wore T-shirts that answered with the phrase "Here's the beef!".
In a debate among the Democratic party Presidential candidates for the 1984 elections, Walter Mondale asked his political rival Gary Hart about his policy plans, saying "Where's the beef?".
by I Saw U2 Live Twice April 22, 2007
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Phrase made popular by a Wendy's TV commercial, which generally means a certain thing is lacking in main substance.
by nick_g July 22, 2011
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A phrase made famous by an old commercial where some old geezer says "Where's the beef?!"

Now frequently said by students at Scarborough High School.
by Corb December 19, 2005
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made famous by 80s tv commercial and is a sexual joke when a guy's dick isnt big enough the girl says "where's he beef?"
When Tommy pulled down his pants to show me his package, I yelled where's the beef in an innapropriate manner
by Spenser H March 24, 2004
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When a man slaps a girl in the face with his cock/ penis
GUY- hey honey, i wanna try something new.

GIRL- What?

GUY- This! Wheres The Beef?

by donkeypuncher95 November 14, 2011
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1.. It used the advertising slogan of Wendy's chain of hamburger restaurants in 1984.

2. The phrase became associated with the 1984 U.S. presidential election. Former Vice-President Walter Mondale also used the line against rival Senator Gary Hart in his bid for the Democratic nomination in the 1984 presidential campaign.

3. It still uses for the popular culture
1. (From commercial)

Old lady 1: It certainly is a big bun. It's a very big bun. It's a big fluffy bun. It's a very big fluffy bun.

Clara Peller (Old lady 2): Where's the beef?
by jason24589 October 20, 2010
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1. A phrase of introduction, a way to introduce yourself to a group fairly indistinct.
2. A tension-breaker in situations no-one's saying anything.
3. A way to ask where the 'action' is, ergo - where a party is being held.
4. An annoying catch-phrase.
A: "Hey, where's the beef?"
B: "STFU, n00b."
A: "I just asked whe..."
B: "OMG, u r gay."
by Daniel Stranger October 9, 2004
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