Whatever kadabra: Letting our luck take care of it and it’s not guaranteed.
N: where’s your thrash dude? throws the bottle out the window.
L: why did you throw that bottle out side the window. We can get introuble.

N: whatever kadabra
by Maliit tt lalake yan July 17, 2021
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A male or female that sleeps around, but has a steady career or bright future.
by Textbook posse August 27, 2017
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A strange creature that you have no idea even existed until it claims your life.
Player: I got killed by a whatever the fuck in deeeep.io! Now I'm filled with sadness and having a depressive episode!

Dude 1: Bro I was playing Minecraft right
Dude 2: Yea?
Dude 1: And this whatever the fuck just blew up my entire base!
Dude 2: Damn bro. That sucks, but I never asked.
by Marshado June 28, 2021
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Similar to to whatever man but with the added authority of being a gangster wanna be.
Friend: Hey I heard your girlfriend is going to the TI concert with another guy.

Response: Whatever Mang
by NewWavMarker November 30, 2013
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Yo marcus just killed the whole north korean army with a pistol and somehow survived
Damn you know what they say "Whatever doesnt kill you makes you stranger" must be a really strange boi
by lol xd xd 123 456 November 22, 2021
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basically, the person who tells you this, is the fucking worst person, so do not be friend with that person cuz I have a friend like that, she just texted me that cuz we are in an argument, they are very toxic peeps.
'(the argument or whatsoever), whatever i dont want to waste time talking to you...(the emoji which have its eyes rolling)'
by iamunknowncuzwhynot? May 22, 2020
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