Tim: what the fuck do you think ur doing!

Nonce: having sex?
Tim: she is five!
Nonce: I know?
Tim:WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!
What the fuck!!!! Is used to question why the fuck a person would do that. Fucking idiot!
by Wagwan fam, pifting? August 4, 2020
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a term which can only be proceeded by "PC load letter?" and is to be naturally follwed by "does that mean?"
PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?
by goat September 13, 2004
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1. One or more natural flaws that occur in every known female. It refers to the fact that every girl/woman has something about them that will make you (as a guy) exclaim: "What the FUCK!?" It is usually something that they consistantly do or say that doesn't make sense to a guy, but since all girls are crazy, they think it is normal. These flaws differ in most girls, but are almost always present.
(Also see WTF)

2. The pissed off/annoyed/frusterated statement "What The Fuck!?"
Are you kidding me? You just came her to look around and not buy anything?? What the FUCK?!

You just want to be friends with him, but you do like him and like hanging out with him all the time alone? What the Fuck?!?

She always does this shit! What the fuck.
by ZachX September 19, 2007
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Inproper use of present continuous.
Player1 died.
Player1 : What the fucking how I die?
by Jožek112 July 13, 2019
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Another way to say to what the fuck. Commonly mistaken with "whattafuck" but they are two different things.
by Minasty October 10, 2018
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When you're chilling and wifi gets cut off

Snapchat is not loading WHAT THE FUCK
by 420blazee October 11, 2018
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This site
Guy 1: dude I looked up a word and I thought, what the fuck?!?!
by Captainjnm November 21, 2018
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