Comes from motor racing, espically motorcycle racing. Depends on who's listening. If you're mom's there, it's "Wound Flat Out" if it's your buddies it's "Wide Fuckin' Open"
"I was WFO on the back straight when I passed you"
by Phaedrus April 3, 2004
An acronym used to describe an extremely good period of time while fishing.
How was the fishing out at the islands today? -Josh

It was 'WFO' all day. We killed 'em! -Joe
by Joe Cote August 16, 2007
Racing term which stands for:
Wound Full Out
Wide Fu@king Open
"I was WFO over those whoops".
by Reaper 351 January 4, 2010
Acronym for Wide Fucking Open and Wide the Fuck Open.
You: How should I approach this turn bro?
Me: Just take it WFO!
by MrMeeyahgee April 28, 2010
Acronym for "Wide Fuckin' Open", which is a dominant racing team located mainly within the South Texas region.

The WFO Racing Team is known to be composed of hot rodders, street racers, and drag racers in which the members are highly competitive individuals who operate and/or manage extensively modified vehicles in the pursuit of acceleration and speed. Many types of racing organizations, events, and fuctions within the South Texas region are likely to be affiliated with the renowned WFO Racing Team.
Wow those cars are fast! I wouldn't want to race anyone in WFO.
by Anonymous source: November 15, 2006
'Wanna Find Out?' Expression used in text messaging and sometimes in luscious conversation usually to convey the other person to a private party of the 'no-pants-needed'-persuasion.
Example 1: texting
(918) Hey Judie! You looked hot today! What's up?
(918-1) Tom! Not much! What's up with you?
(918) WFO?

Example 2: Real life
- Hey Sarah, got fiiine written all over you today!
- Erm... Thanks Tom... What's that bulge in your pants?
- Wanna find out?
by GDaSL November 21, 2011
Wide Fucking Open lens.
guy1: I'm gonna open my lens up to 1.8 and shoot this portrait.

guy2: no way, get real. Never shoot your photos WFO bro you'll end up with terrible purple and green fringing.
by flat4 December 22, 2011