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when the skin and fat in the tricep region has separated from the bone; usually cooler than the surrounding tissue; also known as "hi-bye syndrome"
When I hugged Gramma, I was startled by the temperature of her wet bread.
by Centerline Lab May 07, 2003
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Someone who is weak; frail; bitch made; soft (as a wet piece of bread)
Boucher called him an ol' wetbread ass nigga when he said he was scared.
by MrCHILLmatic March 28, 2016
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1. An event or circumstance that sucked for the person or people involved.
That concert was so wet bread.
by J. Codan December 27, 2016
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its like salty biscuit, but for women, its until the last person orgasms 10 times, and the last one to orgasm 10 times, has to eat the bread with peanut butter and jelly
I played wet bread last night and it was so much fun! Sarah ate the bread.
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by Skully_iF November 07, 2016
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Someone who is a god while playing Rocket League or Fifa
Andrew: i just got destroyed by a grand champion in rocket league.
Matt: What was the score?

Andrew: 8-0
Matt: Damn hes a real Wetbread.
by Psusonym April 18, 2017
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