Referring to an awkward or unintelligible comment made by another, usually either under the influence or between the hours of 3 and 6 in the morning.
"I have a banana in my pocket, it's so all that is that thing, you know?"
"No, I don't know, that was such a wet sandwich."
by Lee Bens March 25, 2009
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A sexual act in which the male shoves a Subway footlong Turkey Club sandwich into the female's vagina and fucks her through it.
"Hey, have you given her the Wet Sandwich yet?"
by pfa January 06, 2009
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A lesser version of Wet ham sandwich. a person who is socially awkward and unmotivated to improve their situation.

A food stuff between two slices of bread which mappers to be moist.

Dude 1: "yo how come Robert doesn't get out much?"

Dude 2: "he's a wet sandwich"


Dude 3: "WTF this sandwich wet!"
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by A INTILLEKTUAL August 02, 2018
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