a female given name (males name Wesley are spelled WESLEY) Weslies are extremely nice people. They can be very shy but once you get to know them they are HILARIOUS. They tend to be very girly or athletic. Maybe both. They're a tad sassy sometimes but it's not real sass, it's usually just a way of flirtation. They're very pretty and if you get the chance to meet one, take it!
That girl i is funny! Must be a weslie.
by daisysooella March 09, 2014
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A girl with the name Wesly can be very shy at first, but she doesn't show it. Once she gets to know you some, she may get a little crazy and outgoing. She is usually artistic with some form of artistic talent like singing or dancing. Wesly’s have the most gorgeous eyes that you can get lost in. This girl is usually romantic and falls in love easily with guys who have a nice smile, and pretty eyes like her. She is very smart and a big procrastinator. Wesly’s are very soft on the inside, but they don't let their emotions show to just anybody. They usually hide their emotions for fear of affecting other people's happiness or they are insecure. They are great and loyal friends and they can cheer anybody up. They are good at telling what mood people are in just after a few minutes, so don't try to hide your emotions from them. If you know a Wesly, I suggest you confined in her as a friend, as she WILL keep all secrets you share private, and she will never let you down. Wesly’s are good problem solvers and are very flexible with schedules. So if you find a person as amazing as her, don’t give up on her and don’t let go.
Wow, Wesly is smart and pretty she is the total package

Guy 1: "Hey Guy 2, who is that cute girl over there with the shiny hazel eyes?"

Guy 2: "That, my friend, is a Wesly. She is truly one of a kind."

Guy 1: "I think I'm in love."
by loverorcats January 19, 2018
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An incredibly good-looking guy. Often very well built. Very modest & gentleman like, but willing top go on the wild size. He very rarely drinks, but when he does, he changes. On the whole an amazing guy, with a decent sized package
Girl 1: omg, you have to meet my new boyfriend! He's amazing!

Girl 2: Ah, he must be a Wesly!
by agirl12343 June 29, 2009
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He's has a personality that will make you forget what he did wrong. He loves making jokes and sweet talking everyone. He is kind to the people he loves and is amazing to talk to. He's
Wesly is a nice guy very talented with his words.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd October 30, 2019
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