Nigel is a legendary pig located in Florida. He is a guinea pig purchased in the spring of 2012. He is commonly referred to as "Nigel" or "Pig." Nigel has black and white fur and grew very rapidly despite the lights being on for the majority of the day. It is unknown how Nigel got sleep. Nigel has a close, personal relationship with the legendary Anthony Favata. Anthony Favata is not the owner of the legendary pig. Nigel was fed a lot of hay.
Guy 1: Yo its Nigel

Guy 1: Yo hows the pig

Guy 2: Oh Shoot! Its Nigel the Pig

Guy 3: Yo, get that thing out of here!

Anthony Favata: Yo chill out its just a pig. Yo pig, Uncle Favata has got your back (pokes finger at Nigel).
by yoitsnigelthepig December 16, 2013
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