A fictional piece of media that attempts to suspend disbelief by asserting in some way that it is not fiction.

These stories are typically made in sites commonly used and easily accessible by others (e.g. YouTube, Tiktok, web forums, etc.), and are presented in common formats not typically used for storytelling (e.g. blogging, lets plays, tutorials, etc.)

Unfiction stories sometimes (though not always) have ARG elements - that is, they allow for audience interaction with the storyteller(s) to advance or alter the story.
Have you heard of this new unfiction series about this guy playing a videogame that his sister left when she died?
by Baldemoto September 10, 2022
Unfiction describes fictional stories and artistic works that present to be real.
ARGs (Alternative reality games) are a type of unfiction.
by Pickles0-0 February 18, 2022
Unfiction is a collective of puzzle solvers and a comprehensive resource dedicated to Alternate Reality Games, both from the players' perspective and from that of the puppetmasters. It is also intended as a gateway to be used in introducing neophytes to ARGs.
I thought I saw a mysterious code hidden in that movie trailer, and when I went to Unfiction, they had it all decoded and figured out.
by Brian Enigma August 28, 2006
some roblox nolife who thinks he has clout
Jeff : you know that kid unfictionals?
Alex : yeah, hes hella lame
by IIIlllllIIlI October 6, 2018
A collective group of jackasses who like to harass a community of players who are not involved with them.
Those guys over at unfiction.com make asshats of themselves with parody sites
by SuperBase April 1, 2005