Weiland is a type of guy who is always shy and a withdrawn boy but when you got to know him better you will find him lovable and will never leave for side forever .
I will weiland you forever.
by Iamyourprincesa October 19, 2015
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You will never meet anybody as amazing as Weiland. Nobody will ever be able to truly be as breathtakingly stunning as Weiland, or as unique and talented as him, he could make your day just by existing and being there and being the goof that he is. I mean this guy’s a real dork, but he’s the best kind of dork ever. I would like to braid his mane!
Wow, I love Weiland with all of my heart, he owns my entire anal cavity!
by weilandlover69 March 30, 2020
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Former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, now lead singer for Velvet Revolver. He first formed the band "Mighty Joe Young" with Eric Kretz, Dean and Robert DeLeo, but had to abandon the name after signing with Atlantic Records seeing how there already was a band by that name. After releasing "Core" with the Stone Temple Pilots, he became heavily involved with drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine, claiming that the lead singer for The Butthole Surfers got him into heroin during their
tour in 1993. After multiple drug charges, Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots went on hiatus in 1997 after the release of the 1996 album, "Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop". Weiland ultimately adopted an androgynous look and released a solo album, "12 Bar Blues" which did extremely badly both commercially and critically. In 2001, Scott Weiland rejoined Stone Temple Pilots and released the band's 5th and unfortunately, final album, "Shangri-la Dee Da". During the final gig of the Shangri-la Dee Da tour, Weiland fought with Dean DeLeo, leading to the final demise of the band. In 2003, Weiland was asked to join The Project by former Guns N' Roses members, Slash, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan. Later that year, the band quickly changed it's name to Velvet Revolver. In the summer of 2004, the band released it's debut album, "Contraband" to much success.
Scott Weiland fronted for the band Stone Temple Pilots until the band's break up in 2001 and now sings for the band Velvet Revolver.
by Mickey Boy February 03, 2007
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Gavin Weiland, better known simply by his stage and middle name Weiland, is a rapper from Tampa, Florida. He shots guns, wears Maison Margiela and other designer brands including Vetements, sticks his rolex's in fountains and looks pretty much like the famed anime Great Teacher Onizuka. And is highly underated.
Gavin Weiland
by Yung_SW4G3R October 20, 2019
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Former singer for Stone Temple Pilots, now frontman for Velvet Revolver. Amazing vocalist and a gorgeous man, unfortunately struggled with drug addictions for years. If he keeps it together Velvet Revolver is destined for greatness! Rock on Scott!
Wow, that Scott Weiland from Velvet Revolver is an excellent singer. And what a fox!
by jmz February 06, 2005
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