The act in which a male ejaculates in and onto a woman's anus, then proceeds to shave his pubic hair and place on the anus, resembling the ass of Mighty Joe Young.
Person 1: "Why are your pubes shaved man?"

Person 2: "I gave a chick a Mighty Joe Young."
by CrackerJack June 19, 2006
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The act of fucking a girl doggy style, shitting in your hand and slapping the bitches back with the shit. You may also fuck her anally and use the bitch's shit to preform this maneuver.

Another version of this act can also be preformed while making loud monkey noises which will only make the Mighty Joe Young better.
Dam bitch!!! I pulled The Mighty Joe Young on your ass!!
by Paul Keith February 28, 2007
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Any probie firefighter named "Joe", who is prematurely balding, short & stocky, and has a pleasant personality.
Capt.: Who's gonna wipe down the Chief's car?

Lieutenant: I'll send Mighty young Joe
by the wetspot March 28, 2008
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