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In The World Ends With You, this is the name that non-playable characters who can see the game's random enemies (known as Noise) from outside of the game's world give them in thought bubbles.
Uhh, I'm not good with crowds... Crowds bring out those symbols- the weebers! I can see them everywhere! There! Clinging to that guy's back- WEEBERS!!! Weebie weebie weebie...
by Supa! November 13, 2009
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A somewhat lame cutesy word used to mean welcome back. Originates from the word weebee which came from the shortened form wb
fakescreenname1 : I'm back.
fakescreenname2 : weebers
fakescreenname1 : did you miss me?
fakescreenname2 : of course
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A slang term for marijuana (weed).
Hey Man, I could go for some weeber right about now!
by Lynn O September 28, 2007
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Somebody very pathetic and annoying. Tries to act cool but fails and is hated by many.
Oh my god that guy is such a weeber
by i don't know what to write January 30, 2016
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