Often shortened to weeb, is a person who is obsessed with japanese culture, language, or aesthetic. The word weeaboo, however, is often just a word what people misuse to refer to people that like anime or manga to an extensive degree.
That weeaboo bought a Type 99 Arisaka at a gunshow and now he thinks hes an Imperial Japanese banzai charger.
by TicAss December 21, 2021
A person who goes by the title(s):
- Zachary
- Zach
- Reed
- Zucc
- Captain Zucc
- Fogle
- McLovin
- Mohammad

- WeeBoo
Hey! Get that Weeaboo over here so we can beat the shit out of him.

WEEABOO just had sex with a dead dear carcass.
by McFoggle June 29, 2018
A person who goes by the titles:
- Zach
- Zachary
- Zucc
- Reed

That WEEABOO over there looks like a real plumkincatcher.

Hey, WEEABOO, come here!
by McFoggle June 29, 2018
by PT. Nghĩa August 14, 2020
A person that doesn't know what Japan did (nor other Asian countries)
Weeaboo: UWU I love Japan!!! they are so KaWaIi
Person 2: what the f-
Someone who is overly obsessed with the Japanese culture to the point of irritation / annoyance. Although this was initially used as a negative term, some people are self-proclaimed weeaboos, who don't mind that they are weeaboo. The term 'weeaboo' is often shortened to 'weeb'.
There is also a clear difference between someone who simply is interested or likes the Japanese culture, and a full out weeb. You wanna learn Japanese? Go for it. You wanna visit Japan? Sure. You like anime and manga? That's great! But it becomes an issue if, I dunno, you use Japanese honorifics after everyone's name (-san, -kun, -chan, etc.), or if you wear a Naruto outfit and Naruto run everywhere, or if you refer to yourself as (name)-です(desu).
But hey, you do you.
by GuyThatLikesWater September 29, 2020
peoples who watching Japanese anime illegally
weeaboos are thinking "if I watch this FREE ENGLISH SUBTITLES anime, company that made this anime is getting money!"
by awawawawa~~ April 18, 2020