That one kid in school who dresses up as anime characters with the mask and the ninja headband and runs with his hands back
That weeaboo is so weird, he’ll never get laid
by Bad_Asstin April 15, 2020
A weeaboo is a person who takes Japanese themed plates from Yosaku because he watches naruto.
My brother Eli is a huge Weeaboo who dreams about becoming the next hokage.
by Theoharis May 26, 2019
One of the most pathetic, embarassing and obnoxious subculture ever to be shat on the face of the earth; cringe inducing morons who use meaningless japanese words when they talk to sound "special", who are worryingly obsessed with anything japanese, without knowing a single thing about japanese culture per say.
Lonely virgin loser teenager abusing the consumption of mangas and animes to forget about their failure of a life, generally sexually uncertain of what they are, but they're either trans or peadophiles. They dream about hazving sex with kiddy cartoon characters and can actually fall in love and become obsessed with something as sexually uninticing and ridiculous as pumba from the lion king. Utter and complete delusional fuckups that like to disguise as characters written for 10 year olds while being past 35, they're the butts of many a joke, and the shame of many a mother.

Common sense dictactes that this crowd of degenerate lowlives should have been exterminated long ago, if there wasn't so god damn many of them.
Look at that fucking weeaboo dressed up like sailor moon, don't these losers ever feel shame ?
by Spyan September 27, 2021
Mothers Basement. Doesn’t get more accurate than this.
Weeaboo is when Mother Basement says “Fuck the English pronunciations, why say “Erased”when you can say “Boku dake ga inai Machi
by Anime lover837493 May 28, 2018
A 14 year old white girl who uses google translate to pretend their Japanese.
weeaboo: 私は非常にホモで遅れています
by kotekiu April 19, 2022
A word created by British or any European which is an insult to OTAKUS.
Stop insulting my friend and calling him a weeaboo he's going to get mad at you if you did that to him.
by ShiroKun November 18, 2017
Someone who watches anime and feminist.
Dude 1: Hey, i like to watch Cory in the House, its my favourite anime

Dude 2: Dude, that is not an anime. ANI mes are japanese.

Dude 1: Stfu dude, dont be such a weeaboo, Cory is black.
by Lowloser November 21, 2016