congrats!!! thats you!!!
-damn that dude is really an weeaboo
-weeaboos are humans too...
-im not some weeaboo
by TOTALLY NOT SPOOP!!! January 2, 2021
Lewis is a weeaboo despite all his arguing
by Elpartey December 13, 2016
Most people would say that a weeaboo is a person who loves anime or Japan and only anime or Japan. That's not entirely true.

A weeaboo is someone who is obsessed with a culture that isn't their own. That's basically all weeaboos are.
Ethan: Arf is a half-gay, Hamilton obsessed, French Weeaboo.
Arf: Yes, that is a fact.
by Arf The French Weeb October 17, 2018
See- Furry
Also see- Kpop stan
Furries and Kpop stans have a propensity to emulate Japanese culture. What a bunch of weeaboos they are.
by Mellon Collie July 14, 2021
Derogatory term for people obssessed with japanese culture
Also Aqul: YAA3 TFOOOOOOOOOO weeaboo dzab
by Nihaaw April 19, 2020
Though the term ‘weeb’ originated from this word and were originally interchangeable, nowadays they have two different meanings. Weebs are simply normal people who watch anime.
Weeaboos are non Japanese people (typically males but there are also female weeaboos) who are not only obsessed with anime but obsessed with Japan in general and its culture to the point where the weeaboo usually denounces their own culture and wants to become Japanese.
A common stereotype with weeaboos is that they have “waifus” (or “husbandos”) and own bodypillows of their fictional crush. Another stereotype is that they do creepy furry roleplay stuff and speak in broken Japanese (i.e. one thing I see often is calling people “san” or “chan”).
“I want to fuck Lisa Lisa
“Shut up weeaboo

Again I would like to stress that weeb and weeaboo are not interchangeable anymore.
by Auntie Cleo February 23, 2021
That one kid in school who dresses up as anime characters with the mask and the ninja headband and runs with his hands back
That weeaboo is so weird, he’ll never get laid
by Bad_Asstin April 15, 2020