A social app that replaced the primary functions of a phone. You can contract people through Wechat without a phone but you can't do that when you have a phone without Wechat.
Hi sexy, may I have your Wechat number?
by sdaqweq October 17, 2018
Typically a foreign guy going around, meeting people and adding them as their WeChat contact.

Similar to the old saying, "scoring digits", but only with WeChat.
"The freshmen students, specially boys from Southeast Asian countries are the WeChat Hunters and stay that way until they realize Chinese girls only date guys with white skin complexion."
by mnipritom January 10, 2019
bunch of middle aged women that mass send out articles and long ass messages to every friend and relative they can possibly find about the latest cancer-inducing food, wide-spreading pandemic, or warning them that if their kid uses snapchat, they might secretly be a drug dealer, over the apps like wechat or whatsapp.
Sibling: Yo, mom just told me to throw out my switch cause some wechat aunty send her an article about the switch causing cancer!
Me: Wechat aunties are ruining our lives.
by chiruri March 7, 2020
POV: Your Chinese relative with a Disney Character as their profile keeps sending you viral chinese tiktok's that you can't understand because your Chinese is shit.
*Viewing mediocre dance move
Relatives: Lets send it to that one random relative on WeChat I've never met in real life to see their reaction!
by MelonKholy December 31, 2022