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a INCREDIBLY smart and beautiful girl who attracts many guys. she doesnt have much self esteem about the way she looks but still is really pretty. shes hilarious and is fun to be a round. she a party animal and can be quiet at times but once u get to know her shes totally open. shes very caring and understandable. she's trustworthy and is forgiving, but u mess with her and u'll regret u did. she's innocent and is a good role model she isnt the type of gurl whos stuck up, shes down to earth and works hard for things in life. she likes to hang out with friends and just have a good time
Guy 1: "damn, who's that girl over there?"
Guy 2: "oh, that's Evy."
Guy 1: " she cute :)"
Guy 2: "IKR"
by thats for me to know... April 10, 2012
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Evy is a beautiful girl who is crazy smart and loves cats and the outdoors. typically short but super silly. she can be insecure and shy but once you get to know her you love her. any guy is lucky to have an evy. she is slightly obsessed with bois but not as much as they are obsessed with her. if you have an evy in your life give them a hug and let them know how special they are.
"Is that an Evy?" "Fuck ya it is"
by thatpeachy June 05, 2018
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Your one of a kind girl who will always be there for you no matter what. She always has a boyfriend and will treat them with respect. She is the best girl that you will ever find.
Girl: Hey I should be friends with Evy
Girl 2: Yeah she is a great person
by ehdhjx April 24, 2018
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A nickname for Evelyn. Means: wisdom, acceptance, and happiness.

To be friends with an Evy is to be friends forever.
To be friends with an Evy is to be friends forever. Great advice and no judgment, with a joke on the side.
by Jasonus Faulkner1094 June 29, 2010
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Evy is a extremely smart girl with a big heart. She's absolutely gorgeous and has an enormous heart. She has a laugh that's almost always contagious even on your worst days she'll have you laughing in no time. Her hilarious personality can make it easier to get through any day. If you knew my evy you would realize how everything about her even down to her smile and her beautiful voice can make your darkest days much brighter. When you first meet her she's shy but once you get to know her you'll never let her go. Everyone needs an evy in their life
Boy 1: who's that?
Boy 2: oh that's evy isn't she gorgeous

Boy 1: yeah (slobbering)

Boy 3: are you guys talking about evy? Isn't she the girl in our math class?
Boy 2: yeah she's the top in the class!

Boy 1: wow smart and pretty she's the real package!
by Starla johanson October 27, 2018
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Evy is usually a short girl who is pretty ,loves cats, is a good kisser , like sex, and has a nice butt.
who's that?
Thats Evy

she's hot

by person390 September 19, 2017
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