The guy from WCIII, a paladin, I presume. Should be used when charging into battle, sword raised with hands high above.
To helm's deep. Uther!!!
by richie! November 15, 2004
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Tbh I forgot about him sksksksk okay just imagine Trump as an English king many many years ago and sorcery is global warming. Once he fucked a troll and executed some people. Then he died and came back to try and kill more people. He had beef with the knights which is unacceptable and hurt Percival bby. He shouts sorcery quicker than TfL cancels their services. He doesn’t approve of Merthur but they will always conquer over his pathetic self. When Morgana his actual daughter(tea) betrayed him he started sulking and doing nothing. He was a bad king.
Arthur: Hi-

Arthur: huh-
by Uther Vs sorcery! January 08, 2020
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Uther the Lightbringer was one of the first five paladins appointed by Alonsus Faol. He trained many other paladins, including Arthas and Muradin Bronzebeard. He was lyal to Lordaeron to the end, and died defending the ashes of King Terenas Menethil the third.
Uther the Lightbringer is a character in Warcarft 1-3, and makes apperences in World of Warcraft.
by Dasichferbotten July 21, 2011
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