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1) to masturbate.
2) a very stupid person
3) a very good poker player, especially in the game "Texas Hold'em".
4) to have sex
1) Of course it is, you know...I wazzle, you wazzle, he, she, me, wazzle. Wazzle, wazzling, wazzlisation, Wazzleology, the study of wazzle.

2) Are you a wazzle?
3) Man, you are such a wazzler that you wazzle with my cards all day.
4) C'mon lets wazzle.
by republicofwazzle November 09, 2014
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State of being in which a person has little or no sense, use, or purpose.
A person who wazzles is referred to as a Wazzler.
Instead of doing your homework, you spent the day wazzling!
You wazzled the whole day! You're fired!
by Jaack Meeoff February 11, 2014
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A modern day, South East London based school word for "bundle".
Oi, Steve you smelly nonce, look over there, there's a massive wazzle going on. Let's go. WAZZLE!
by mokershipping February 11, 2010
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To wazzle is to rev the knackers off your motorbike.

Scream the knackers off your motorbike / car / anything really.
'Fancy going for a wazzle on the bikes ?'

'Bloody hell thats hot'
''Yeah i've been wazzling it''
by B e z z a July 29, 2006
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To enlarge a drilled hole in metal in order to effect a fit; especially in the field using less than optimum tools, and in a less than optimum working situation.
To get the damn compressor to fit, Greg and Jonathan wazzled the holes on the bracket in the bilge for two days with a puny cordless.
by Tucky May 19, 2008
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